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Building Tomorrow's Leaders, One Black Belt at a Time.

By learning Taekwondo from ATA’s experienced instructors, you’ll learn true discipline, self-respect, and the value of self-defense when all your other options are gone. Martial arts are a great way for you to stay in shape, and something the whole family can enjoy!

Self Defense Experts

At ATA Martial Arts, we believe nothing can ever be achieved without hard work. That is why we always give 100% when training all of our students, and make everyone’s experience our top priority.

Owner and Master Martial Artist, Don Johnson, has been teaching for more than 30 years, and knows what his students need to be successful.

What is the ATA?

The ATA is the American Taekwondo Association. It also happens to be the largest national Taekwondo association in the world. Overseas, the ATA’s Songham style fighting forms are taught by the STF, or the Songahm Taekwondo Federation. Any ATA member with a good reputation may train and practice at any ATA or STF school, worldwide.

What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art which translated means "art of the hand and foot." It is a discipline that trains people mentally and physically.

Tomorrow’s Leaders

One Black Belt at a Time

At ATA Martial Arts, we want to provide the youth of today with the highest level of training possible to help develop their self-awareness and self-control. We strive, every day, to bring peace of mind to all of our students, while simultaneously training them to keep their friends, neighbors, and family members safe – all in a healthy teaching environment with a healthy mental outlook.


March Events
  • 03/06: PARENT'S NIGHT OUT 6pm-9pm
  • 03/20: PARENT'S NIGHT OUT 6pm-9pm
  • 03/28: SPARRING SEMINAR 11am-1pm


April Events
  • All Events are Cancelled Until Further Notice

What We Offer at ATA Martial Arts:


"The New Bern ATA is a wonderful place for children and adults to learn and participate in various events. The kids enjoy taking the Taekwondo classes, sparring and weapons classes. It teaches them listening, discipline, and morale courage. My brother also takes classes to stay active, so it has become a family event."
                                                     - Barbara Chance

"ATA has been of the greatest things that I have been in all of my life. I have played sports all of my life and Martial Arts has been one that I have ha to put more effort into, to become better. ATA has also made me a better leader and being a leader has always been a goal of mine. I love being on the Instructor Program and taking the classes all the same."
                                                    - Toby Cochran

"My daughter, Trinicia Bryant, has been going to the ATA of New Bern for seven months now and she loves it! She has learned how to defend herself and has more confidence in herself at school, her grades also went up. The ATA Instructors really work well with all the students and they care for about the kids."
                                                   - Christa Cherry

"My son has been coming for just a little while, but I can see a lot of change in him. Especially self-confidence. So glad I decided to bring him to ATA."
                                                  - Tawlynn Howell

"When I first came to ATA in May of 2015, I didn't know any self-defense. After being here for over a year, I have learned many methods of self-defense as well as Taekwondo forms, kicks, etc. I pray I never have to use what I have learned out in the world, however, if I do I feel confident that, through the repeated instruction of Mr. Johnson and the other instructors, I will be able to defend myself. Everyone at ATA is very helpful and fun to be around while maintaining a professional atmosphere."
                                                 - Mariah Reeves

"We have seen incredible, marketed improvement in our son's behavior since he began classes last year at the ATA of New Bern."
                                                - RW. Borden

"I want to thank the ATA Team of New Bern for coaching my son! Your efforts on the mat has made him a better person! The training and of course the fun he has under your supervision is worth the joy! Your patience and sportsmanship qualities that have been transferred to him with the hard training and leadership. You are not just a coach, you are a mentor to him."
                                                - Nathalie Marsh

"We have been with the ATA of New Bern for eight months now. I have three children enrolled in multiple programs with them. The instructors are amazing with the kids, professional and respectful in their demeanor, and knowledgeable about their profession. We love our ATA family and look forward to many years of participation to come.
                                               - Vera Gibson 

"My son has been coming to the ATA in New Bern for over a year now. He has learned traditional Taekwondo forms and kids, self-defense moves and engaged in other physical training. He has also become more respectful, confident and made many new friends. He enjoys coming to the other ATA activities as well: lock-ins, birthday and holiday parties, summer camp, and Parent's Night Outs. ATA is a great place for kids and adults to become more well-rounded physically, emotionally, socially, and academically. Go try a FREE Class!!"
                                              - J. Wolf

For more information on Taekwondo, our training schedule, or to sign up a member of your family, please call ATA Martial Arts at 252-636-5425 (KICK).