New Bern Class Schedule

April 2021

May 2021

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Effective: NOVEMBER 1, 2014

NOTE: Schedule is subject to periodic Updating

* Students should bring their gear bags, complete with all gear appropriate for rank.

**Leadership is an elite training class designed to train your child in numerous aspects of Taekwondo, so please ensure you have all your equipment when attending these classes. *Leadership Students Only

***Core Training is an elite training class that focuses on technique, skills, drills, and other martial arts training that will hasten your abilities to become a black belt.

NOTE: Monday, and Wednesday are considered 2 CREDIT days. Tuesday and Thursdays are
considered 1 CREDIT days. Every 20 DAYS (Credits), you will graduate to the next belt. If you
take advanced classes: (combat weapons and sparring) you will receive 2 credits for doing those classes.