The Perfect Programs for Any Martial Artist


ATA Martial Arts understands that our students will always have a broad range of physical abilities. What they ALL share in common is their universal ability to understand and appreciate the principles on which our teachings are based: positive mental attitude, and setting high goals for themselves. We use these principles to build up our students – no matter what their age or experience level – and provide the most professional, well-supervised martial arts classes anywhere.

Our style of Taekwondo - Songham Taekwondo - is always evolving. It is an exciting and powerful martial art that is known for fast hand and foot techniques which work in concert to neutralize threats. And, though the teachings are centuries old, our programs are always adapting to keep them relevant in today’s modern world.


Basic Program:

The Basic Program dramatically improves your child’s concentration. They learn how to follow directions, pay attention in class, and how to participate in classroom activities. The Basic Program focuses on:

*Self-Confidence – It doesn’t come naturally for many children, but rather developed over a period of time and when a child accomplishes new goals, his or her confidence level increases. Children develop more self confidence in Taekwondo because they progress individually at their own pace and are not judged against by others.

ATA Martial Arts Basic Program

*Self-Defense – A child’s self-defenses takes many forms. Taekwondo teaches children how to think instead of panic in potentially serious situations as well as how they react to threats from other kids or would-be attackers.

*Coordination – Taekwondo challenges the entire body, developing coordination, balance, agility and poise, often neglected in many team sports available to children.

*Better Grades – All children in the Basic Leadership Program learn skills, such as following directions, paying attention in class and participating in class activities that help them to become better students.

We enroll children from the age of 3 and above. Taekwondo lessons are a dynamic and challenging approach for children, who are athletic, awkward or shy, bold, nice or maybe a little wild once in a while.

We are dedicated to giving every child a professional, well-supervised and fun martial arts experience.

Leadership Program:

The Leadership Program is for all students wishing to attain the Black Belt rank. Work at your own pace, with personal attention and encouragement from our trained instructors. Attend the classes that fit your schedule. Family classes and rates available. Contact us for details!

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
You don’t need to be a kid to enjoy the wonderful physical and personal benefits of the discipline and great cardio workout.

ATA Martial Arts Leadership Program patch

Songahm Taekwondo training can help adults:

  • Relieve tension
  • Increase stamina
  • Lose weight
  • Reduce stress
  • Develop a new enthusiasm for life
  • Gain confidence
  • Improve coordination
  • Get and stay in shape
  • Spend time with their friends, spouse, and children when everyone trains together!
  • Have tons of fun!

Adults of all shapes, sizes, and ages come to us, and those who stay will achieve their goals. Whether you're interested in fitness, self defense, or whatever, we're here to help you!

We train our students to the best of their ability - all that is expected of you is your willingness to try!

Legacy Instructor Program:

The Legacy Instructor Program was developed by the American Taekwondo Association to teach leadership skills to all individuals, regardless of their age or belt rank.

Through the use of proven methods, strategies, and training techniques you can develop the most recognizable characteristic of high-achieving individuals… Leadership Skills.

The Leadership Program represents our most elite and advanced training. If you feel you are ready to
take your training to the next level, then the Legacy Instructor Program is for you. With your instructor’s guidance, you will begin to unlock your true leadership potential.

ATA Martial Arts instructor program

After School Program:

A Structured Learning Environment

Unlike with many other programs, at ATA Martial Arts your child is always supervised and required to follow a strict set of rules and behavior guidelines. Children thrive on discipline and attention so we balance these out with incentive programs that will ensure success in teaching them self-control and discipline.

ATA After School Program

Your Child Will Also Develop

*Better Manners *Concentration and Focus *Self-Discipline
*Goal Setting *Leadership Skills *Time Management
*More Respect *Improved Behavior *Reduced Stress and Anxiety
*Study Skills    

Summer Programs:

Summer Camp
Come and enjoy all sorts of fun activities including: Martial Arts- Games- Movies- Swimming -Arts and Crafts-Learning Games AND MUCH MORE!!!! 7:45 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.

2021 Summer Camp Scheduled Weeks:

WEEK 1: Monday, May 1st - Friday June 4th
WEEK 2: Monday, June 7th - Friday, June 11th
WEEK 3: Monday, June 14th - Friday , June 18th
WEEK 4: Monday, June 21st - Friday, June 25th
WEEK 5: Monday, June 28th - Friday, July 2nd
WEEK 6: Monday, July 5th - Friday, July 9th
WEEK 7: Monday, July 12th - Friday, July 16th
WEEK 8: Monday, July 19th - Friday, July 23rd
WEEK 9: Monday, July 26th - Friday, July 30th 
WEEK 10: Monday, August 2nd - Friday, August 6th 
WEEK 11: Monday, August 9th - Friday, August 13th 
WEEK 12: Monday, August 16th - Friday, August 20th 




ATA Martial Arts summer camp

ATA Mixed Martial Arts

New to martial arts? Our MMA classes are great for beginners. Do you have experience in wrestling or boxing or just want a fun way to get in shape? This class may be for you.

ATA Mixed Martial Arts incorporates advanced Cardiovascular training, Striking, Pressure Point Control Tactics, Joint Manipulations, Submission Holds, and Ground Fighting, Gun, Knife and Stick Defense. Each class will include training in those specific areas but in the last part of the class students will put the concepts together for an MMA segment. The purpose of the ATA MMA training is to broaden the experience of current students as well as provide an outlet for the current MMA craze. One important note is that we do not provide cage fighting specific training for those that are interested in MMA fighting. We incorporate the same LifeSkill and philosophy into our MMA training that can be found in our traditional martial arts classes.

ATA MMA logo

For more information on Taekwondo, our training schedule, or to sign up a member of your family, please call ATA Martial Arts at 252-636-5425 (KICK).